Old Line Productions

Old Line Productions is an affordable video production company dedicated to providing high quality video work to sustainable and progressive organizations. In order to provide professional quality video at affordable prices, Old Line Productions operates with a minimalist approach, using compact equipment and one or two person crews. We operate mostly in Maryland and Virginia, but have traveled nationwide when the needs of clients require.

Video has immense power in bringing information to the masses and shaping societies views on pivotal issues. What was once a topic known only to involved activists and a handful of others can become a major news story nationwide. Video is the most effective medium for messages in today’s society. YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo allow work to go viral within days, bringing select ideas to the masses. Outside of social media, video is optimal for fundraising, recruitment, promotion and so much more.

Whatever your video needs may be, Old Line Productions is determined to help you make it happen within the realities of your budget. We’ll work with you on planning and executing the video, and we do all the camera, audio and post-production work. So check out our contact page and let us help you today.